You love your dog and would love to have an everlasting memory of them? Well Hannah Claire Carroll is the person you need! She creates hand-drawn and collage artwork, digitally printed on canvas of your dog! Each piece is unique!


Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am a Northern Irish girl living in England.  I love to keep busy - art is my passion but I am also mad about fitness!

Where you were working before?

I teach art in an academy in England, drawing dogs in my free time!


Why did you decide to create your company?

After drawing my friend's dog for him as a Christmas present I realised I am quite good at it.  I had never drawn a dog before but found it really enjoyable, and so I decided to draw some more!

Was it difficult?

My work takes me a long time and requires a lot of patience, however I really enjoy creating the pieces so I don't find it too difficult.


What were your greatest challenges?

Probably getting people to see my work and know what I do.  Spread the word!

What are your plans for the future?

I intend to branch out, creating a range of products within my own brand.


What is your favourite pet product?

I love the little dog coats that keep them warm in winter.  So cute!

Like us on Facebook  and watch out for up and coming exhibitions!  I plan to have an auction of my work for charity soon, too.

Discover Hannah Claire Carroll's beautiful art on her website and on Yummypets! 

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